Perfect Sailing Vacation – what is the cost?

While planning your holidays the overall cost is a very important factor. So, today we would like to tell you more about the prices of Sailing Place services and give you some advices how to reduce your costs during your holiday.

First of all it is important to know that while you are in Croatia it is always advisable to have the local currency to pay with – the Croatian Kuna. 1 Euro equals approximately 7,5 Kuna.
We recommend you to change your money in official exchange points on the main land. The exchange rates are usually better than on the islands.

If you prefer to pay by card please be aware that some places on the islands don’t accept cards. But you will find cash machines in all the bigger ports on the islands.
If you choose to spend your holiday on a sailing or motor yacht, Sailing Place will find the right yacht for you! In our database we have more than 3000 yachts from all over the Croatian coast available. The right one for you is just awaiting you!

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Now lets take a look at the costs of a perfect sailing vacation with Sailing Place.
The yacht charter price (if divided with the number of the board crew) usually does not exceed the price of an accommodation with sea view room in a 4 star hotel.
Moreover, we will give you some advices how to decrease the cost additionally.

Yacht charter prices vary depending on many different factors:

  • Type of the yacht

As well as cars, yachts also have different manufacturers. The price to charter a yacht depends logically also of the worth of the yacht.
Also, catamarans are more expensive than monohulls, as they offer more space and a more comfortable yachting experience.
The bigger the yacht, the higher the price.

  • Built year of the boat

Younger yachts are always more expensive – the difference in price between a completely new yacht and a 3 years older yacht can be significant, though the older yacht (if properly maintained) can give you almost the same quality of accommodation and navigation performances.

  • Charter period

On the Adriatic the peak season for yachting is in July and August. If you are a lucky one and are not limited by school summer vacation or working schedule You can charter a yacht in June or September. Here are some of the advantages if you decide to take a yacht in June or September: more convenient prices are offered in these months, a better choice of available yachts, still great weather, less crowded places, lower prices in marinas restaurants and grocery stores.
Doesn’t matter which periods you prefer, we guarantee you always a great value for money.

  • Obligatory extras (additional costs)

Once you have decided on a yacht that meets all your needs, please be aware that the yacht price covers only the boat accommodation. Additional & unavoidable costs that occur are: cleaning of the yacht, tourist tax, fuel cost, mooring fees.
Cleaning of the yacht is paid once at the check in and the cost depend on the size of the yacht. Usually it is from 100.0 to 200.0 EUR, can be paid in cash or by card.
Croatian Tourist Tax has to be paid in cash at the check in, price is 1.0 EUR per person per day.
Fuel cost depends on the sailing route that you are choosing. The advantage of the Croatian coast is that sailing distances are short and most of the charterers choose the routes which do not take more that 3 hours of navigation what decreases fuel costs a lot.
If you would like to send us your planned route, than we can help you calculate the approximate fuel cost.
Mooring fees vary from marina to marina. They depend on the size of the boat as well. The average price of the mooring fee is 50-60 EUR for a 43 feet yacht,  but the prices can always be checked on the web page of the marina you are planning to anchor in.
However, some of the harbours and most of the anchorages are at your disposal without any extra charge.

  • Optional extras

If you prefer to spend a more relaxed yachting holiday without worrying about the route and the weather forecast I would recommend you to book a skipper. Especially if it is your first time chartering a yacht in Croatia a professional skipper will be a great and useful addition to your crew. The skipper drives the yacht, he plans your route according to your wishes, takes you to hidden treasures and secluded places on the Croatian coast and takes you to the most delicious restaurants. With Sailing Place you will always have the best table at the restaurant – for free!
The price for a skipper is starting from 100 EUR per day.
If you are looking for 2 meals on the yacht during sailing and a clean yacht all the time, it’s time to hire a hostess. A hostess prepares breakfast and light lunch or dinner. She takes care of the yacht cleanliness and assists the skipper. The price for a hostess starts from 80.0 EUR per day.
If you don’t plan to leave the yacht for delicious food – book a cook! A cook prepares you the most delicious and famous local food directly on the yacht, three times a day or more. Of course the cook will also cook according to your wishes, say it out loud and get it served!
The price for a cook starts from 100.0 EUR per day.

And here comes our favourite part, the one that shows how much we appreciate our clients and that you can rely on us no matter what!


  • VIP table reservations at the most delicious restaurants
  • Organisation of customised routes and activities
  • 24/7 phone support about weather, marinas and route suggestions
  • Marina place reservations – just give us a call and there you go!
  • Tailor made route suggestions
  • Short Croatian islands & highlights guide

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