Sailing Vacation – Check in / Check out procedure – what do You need to know?

Let me tell you some details about your first and last day of your sailing trip. To let everything work out smoothly just like the whole holiday here are some of my guidelines for a nice and comfy arrival and departure.

When you arrive at the airport you will meet your driver for a private transfer to the Marina where your yacht is awaiting you. You will recognize your driver by the sheet with your name on it. The driver will help you carry your baggage to the vehicle so that your perfect holiday can start.


Once arrived in the Marina the driver will take you to the charter office, where our friendly colleagues will welcome you. According to your lease contract check in time is usually after 5 pm and check out before 9 am. However, Sailing Place always invests extra effort to get the yacht ready before the scheduled time. When you arrive it is always possible to do the necessary paperwork, so please prepare your sailing license, including your VHF license, passport or ID card and your Boarding Voucher. Our colleagues at the charter reception will check your licenses, explain you the boat documents, prepare with you the crew list, check all necessary payments and set you a time for check in. Do not hesitate to ask the reception staff for all information that is important for you.

When the check-in in the office is done you will have the time to prepare for the technical check-in on the yacht. In the meantime you can relax and enjoy a drink in the sun or just leave your baggage in the left luggage department and go for a swim at the nearby beaches.

We can also organize you a guided tour of one of the cities nearby the marina, so that you can spend your time discovering lovely traditional dalmatian localities. If you do not want to waste your time on queues in the supermarket buying groceries for your trip, just inform us a few weeks before your trip and we will organize for you food supply. So by entering the yacht food & drinks will already be there waiting for you.

Just before technical check in skipper needs to come by the office to pick up boat documents together with Check in list. I would recommend that only skipper is on board when doing check-in with the sailor. They have to move up and down the deck and check all systems inside the boat which is much easier when there are no luggage, impatient family members, kids, pets and packages of food and drinks on their way.

Croatia sailing yachting holiday

Technical presentation of the yacht lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. After check in list is signed both by skipper and charter sailor, you are ready to sail out and discover the beauty of more than 1000 islands.


Regular check out time is from Friday afternoon (+ overnight) till Saturday morning latest till 9 a.m. 
On request, we can arrange check out time earlier than scheduled by the lease contract. When you return to the base it is necessary to hand the boat documents to the office staff. You will make an appointment in the office when you would like the yacht to be checked by the charter sailor. Check out procedure has to be done with the skipper present.

sailing croatia mediterranean

While the yacht is at the peer the official marina diver checks the yacht underneath the water level. An official divers report is issued after every charter by the official Marina staff. Photos are only taken in cases that the boat has any damages. So if the Marina staff says that there are no photos from before that means that there were no damages before, which they have to prove with the report.

After the check-out procedure is finished the security deposit is returned to the skipper.

You are now free to spend the last evening according to your wishes, as on the first day we can organize you guided tours or reserve nice places at the most delicious restaurants for you.

In the morning the driver will meet you again on the peer and take you to the airport or to a place of your choice.

xachting croatia vacation fun

After arriving home I hope to receive a stunning feedback from you filled with beautiful memories! Please do share your lifetime experiences and wonderful impressions from your perfect sailing vacation with family and friends!

I am looking forward to read your feedbacks!

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